Why online booking is not available for families and individual visitors ?

Access to CERN Science Gateway does not require booking. Our interactive exhibitions and, when available, science shows and films are freely accessible after registering on site on our exclusive web app (only accessible from CERN-Visitors Wi-Fi).

For more than 10 years, CERN has offered online booking for guided tours for families and individual visitors but the experience showed that:

  • All capacity was gone in 2 seconds (literally) which created a lot of frustration (watch this video between 00:23 and 00:40 for an example)
  • Many visitors who had booked online did not show up on the day of the tour
  • Many visitors showed up late for their tour
  • This led to the handling of waiting lists which were not even a guarantee to get acess to activities

For those reasons, guided tours and lab workshops for families and individuals can now only be booked on site and on the day.
In order to guarantee visitors coming later at CERN a chance to get access to those activities, the on site booking is limited to 1 or 2 hours in advance (i.e. you can book a 16.00 tour as from 14.00, leaving you enough time to visit our exhibitions in the mean time).